What makes you feel welcome? A project produced for the Design Council initiative, Design of the Times (Dott07), a year long programmes of events that explored how design can influence the way we live.


Welcoming my husband home on Redcar beach, bringing in the crabs during the summer’


Working with different communities in Middlesbrough, we explored what makes people feel welcome, or not.

A cup of tea, your front door, being greeted by your dog, industrial landmarks, defaced buildings and badly designed subways were amongst the range of thoughts and ideas presented by the people of Teesside.

We asked a few simple questions: What makes you feel welcome? What landscape makes you feel welcome? What landmark makes you feel you’re almost home? For some people a welcome landscape isn’t always pretty hills and fields. Many find beauty and tranquility amidst the stark industrial landscapes of the northeast.


‘Most people think the towers are ugly but we love them’

Loving the bleak industrial landscape at the mouth of the Tees, wanting to embellish the corner of a supermarket car park, bright, spanking, well-kept loos and regional landmarks such as Roseberry Topping and industrial chimneys were amongst the ideas presented by the public using photography, writing and video and produced as an exhibition staged on Middlebrough’s most notable landmark, the Transporter Bridge.

'Exhibition at the transporter bridge, Middlesbrough'

\’Exhibition at the transporter bridge, Middlesbrough\’

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