Self Portrait Refugee


Developed from our flagship project Self Portrait UK, and to help combat the mostly negative images and press coverage in Britain, Self Portrait Refugee allowed Refugee & Asylum Seekers to make a creative statement about who they are, how they want to be seen and reveal their own experiences, hopes and dreams for the future.


“To be a refugee is not what people think. I am trying to survive the fire, a darkness that covers my heart, the sun who burnt me and the sea around me; but nothing would stop me finding my way.”refugee-pic

Produced through a series of workshops with many refugee projects across the northeast, the final images, texts and short films were shown as an exhibition on the Tyne and Wear Metro system. This dramatic and powerful set of images have been seen by thousands of people on their Metro journeys with the combination of strong visual and written statements challenging many pre-conceptions.


Supported by Arts Council England North East, Channel 4, The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Northern Rock Foundation and the North of England Refugee Service.

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See the films made by 3 young refugees.

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