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Produced for Comic Relief as part of the Global Campaign for Education to get young people across the world to lobby the G8 leaders and support every child’s right to go to school.


We produced 2 films working with two groups of young people from the UK who each travelled to work alongside young people in Ghana and Kenya. They were made by the young people themselves working with Nick Oldham, filmmaker from Media19, who taught photography, filming and editing skills to young people attending Kicoshep School in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya and at New Koforidua School in Ghana.


Max, Fred, Jess and Ella, young students from Langtree School in Oxfordshire travelled to New Koforidua, about 30 miles south of Kumasi in Ghana. Here the main source of income for people who live in the village is through growing cocoa beans for chocolate and many are part of a co-operative, Kuapa Kocoo, who only sell the beans to Fair Trade organisations. Many of the children can’t get to school either due to poverty or because they have to help their families harvest the cocoa crop.


Amy, Ed, Alex and Abigail from Sir John Lawes School in Hertfordshire went to Kenya and worked in the Kicoshep School in the Kibera slum on the outskirts of Nairobi. It was a difficult place to work. An amazing place with amazing people, great enterprise and great energy but with terrible sanitation and disease is rife. The school supports many of the orphans of Kibera who have lost parents through HIV/AIDS.

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