Bedroom Britain


A campaign for new young entrepreneurs, produced for Channel 4 and partnered with NESTA

Bonnie Chung, Yorkshire finalist

Bonnie Chung, finalist

Apart from listening to music, avoiding their parents and planning a life in the sanctuary of their bedroom, young people have fantastic ideas for new businesses and Bedroom Britain invited teenagers from across the UK to send them in.

Jimmy Turrell, Designer

Jimmy Turrell, Designer

Launched on Channel 4 with a series of shortfilms, young people were invited to submit their big ideas for new businesses. The series featured both experienced and up and coming UK entrepreneurs including the late Anita Roddick, Fashion Designer, Bruce Oldfield, Richard Reed (Innocent Drinks), Jimmy Turrell (Safe Place Design), Chris Donald (VIZ) and Alexander Amuso (R’n’B Ringtones) who all gave their own expert advice on how to get started.

Chris Donald
‘Viz started in 1979 as a little local rag in Newcastle selling 150 copies, and by 1989, 10 years later, it was selling 1.25 million and it had become a national phenomenon. My advice to young people is to have a word with their parents and tell them to leave you alone.’

Bruce Oldfield
‘I worked for a few people but it wasn’t very satisfying, and I thought that the only way to do what I want to do is to actually do it yourself. Even when I was young I was buying t-shirts, printing things on them and selling them. I was hungry and very keen.’ Bruce Oldfield – Fashion Designer

Richard Reed
‘For your idea you’ve got to make sure it’s a strong, simple, clear idea. I was always told that if you can’t explain your business idea in one sentence to your granny then you don’t have a good business idea.’

Anita Roddick
‘There’s got to be that spark in you of dissatisfaction that creates an energy to change something.’

Alexander Amosu
‘When you’re young is the best time to be successful. The time when you have no rent, no electricity, no bills – take that opportunity because you can make as many mistakes as you like and never really regret it.’

A series of regional roadshows in Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow and Nottingham was followed by a final national event where eight of the best ideas were scrutinised by a panel of expert entrepreneurs, including Red or Dead fashion guru and founder of Hemingway Designs Wayne Hemingway, broadcaster and owner of production company behind TV Hit ‘Location, Location, Location’ Muriel Gray, award-winning Social Entrepreneur and Fair Trade, environmental fashion and lifestyle label ‘People Tree’ Safia Minney and multi-millionaire R’n’B ringtones creator, Alexander Amosu. All eight finalists featured in a second series of programmes on Channel 4.

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