My Life Stories


An online project for Looked After Young People and their carers to create a space on a dedicated website, www.mylifestories.org allowing them to add and collect memories and experiences and produce their own life stories.


Life Story work is being seen as increasingly important for young people who are growing up in the care system to help piece together their lives by exploring some of the important memories and experiences that they have had.

For most of us, the objects, photographs, certificates reflecting our achievements and mementoes from our lives are taken for granted as they are often kept for us by caring parents. They are an important part of our identity and allow us to look back and take stock of who we are and where we have come from.


For young people in the care system, this isn’t always as easy. Growing up with more fractured lives, these basic aids to their memories don’t always exist, are often lost or just non-existant.

The My Life Stories project has developed a website enabling young people and their carers, support workers or key staff to create their own web space and create and collect their own life stories using photographs, scanned images, video or audio and writing. Everything uploaded can be shared in public or kept private for personal viewing only.

Being available online, their work can always be accessed even if a young person experiences a number of foster placements or lives in different care homes.

Please visit www.mylifestories.org

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