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As part of our on-going nationwide project, Campaign Trail – working to give a voice to young parents – Media19 travelled to Coleraine, North Ireland to work with ‘da’ Young Fathers’ Project from Derry.

Living in Derry has had its impact on the lives of young people and through Campaign Trail, this group of fathers are using digital media to create posters and films that talk about how they feel, the challenges they face, legacies they’ve inherited and the legacy they hope to leave their own children as ‘Dads’.

On a three day residential at the peace and reconciliation centre, Kilcranny House; near Coleraine, Media19 worked with a group of both young and older fathers.

Working together in creative workshops the group explored their experiences of being a young father- who they are, how they feel and the things they want to change – exploring what they want to say and creating their own unique messages and statements.




Using digital cameras and flip cameras the group developed their digital media skills which they used to produce their own images, films and personal messages exploring their experiences as fathers, what they hope for in the future and the legacy they hope to leave for their children.


‘I’ve made mistakes in my life but without them I wouldn’t be where I am. Hopefully when my child is older they will have the ability to learn from my mistakes and have a better life than I did. As long as they are healthy and happy I will be proud.’ Kyle, 24


‘Only I can decide what and where I will be in the future as long as I am willing to work hard and be patient' Darren, 24


‘This is a photo of me and the wain at my sister’s first communion. In the background you can see a photo of me and my two sisters as well and my granddad who passed away two years ago. This photo shows everyone in my life who is special to me. I only see the wain once a month if I am lucky so this picture reminds me of my past, my future and where I want to go.’ Cathair, 17


Media19 are continuing to work in partnership with ‘da’ creating further digital content to form part of a public awareness campaign that will draw attention to the often hidden voice of young fathers.


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