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Under the Hammer

Just how do items go from a dusty corner shelf to being the prize item in the fast-paced auction room? Under the Hammer follows the process from discovering paintings, rare vases or toy cars through to the final sale and that possible record selling price.





In the summer of 1999 Anish Kapoor’s giant structure Taratantara became the first piece of artwork to exhibit in the new Baltic Centre for contemporary art.  The impressive structure that filled the void left by the remains of Baltic Flour Mill building, was designed to mark the transition from the Baltic’s old life as a flour mill to its future as a centre for art. The film presents interviews with the artist explaining his vision and creation, and illustrated through stunning visual shots shows the demanding challenge that faced those turning this vision into a reality.


Catch 22

As Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall seems to be making some progress on his crusade to stop the wasteful discarding of undersized fish caught in the North Sea, we thought it appropriate to show some of this film we made over 16 years ago. Not much has changed, as you can see.


Funeral Rights

Funeral Rights explores the increasing popularity for alternative funerals. The film presents the rising trend to turn away from traditional and conventional ceremonies and investigates exactly what alternative choices are available and just why many, are now seeking the chance to take control of their own funeral and final goodbye.  

There are 7 short 4 minute clips to watch (click more) and in this first clip the contemporary option of a “return to nature” through a burial in a nature reserve or woodland is explained.  



Remembering Slavery

Influenced by personal accounts from former slaves, this short film depicts a fictional account of the life of an African slave.  Through the eyes and voice of a relative the film presents the harrowing journey of an African slave, like so many captured and forced to leave his home,  and travel to his new enslaved life on a Caribbean plantation. Produced by Media19 for Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums.


Facing the Music

Facing the Music investigates the allure of learning to play a musical instrument for all generations. Following the ambitious, young violinist Sophie as she prepares for her first orchestra lead performance, the film explores the hard work and dedication required to master a musical instrument along with the chores and triumphs that playing can bring.



Comic Relief


Produced for Comic Relief as part of the Global Campaign for Education to get young people across the world to lobby the G8 leaders and support every child’s right to go to school.


Millenium Movies


An award winning series of films featuring a selection of visions for the new Millennium as submitted by the public including; a plea for all alleged WW1 deserters who were executed, to be pardoned; a Buddhist’s view on the new Millennium and; a single woman’s view on life and her desire to be just single.


Angel of the North


A series of short films for Channel 4 that capture the visual significance and impact of this controversial work, featuring individual responses from people who live, work or play nearby, for whom this sculpture is now part of their everyday life.

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