‘Eyes Wide Shut’

In recognition of Armistice Day we’re posting our film that tells the story of a young sergeant in WW1 who was one of 306 British soldiers executed for military offences. The most common charge was desertion or cowardice. All their names were omitted from war memorials, their relatives did not receive military pensions and many families lived with the shame of the events and could never celebrate or commemorate their relatives’ involvement in the horrors of ‘The Great War’.

It’s been 5 years since all 306 were granted a full pardon by the British Government and this film (made prior to that pardon) recalls the campaign of one relative seeking justice for his great Uncle and portrays the events and circumstances that led to the final tragic execution by firing squad.


Funeral Rights

Funeral Rights explores the increasing popularity for alternative funerals. The film presents the rising trend to turn away from traditional and conventional ceremonies and investigates exactly what alternative choices are available and just why many, are now seeking the chance to take control of their own funeral and final goodbye.  

There are 7 short 4 minute clips to watch (click more) and in this first clip the contemporary option of a “return to nature” through a burial in a nature reserve or woodland is explained.  



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